Motor Maintenance

What is Vehicle Motor Maintenance?

DSCF0031The Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (QCF) is for anyone developing a career in the motor industry. This practical qualification demonstrates skills on the job, in the workplace, showing that your employees meet national standards for automotive workers. It has been developed by the Institute of the Motor Industry, which is the Sector Skills Council for the Automotive Industry.

The Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair forms the competency element of the Intermediate Apprenticeship.

What are the Employer benefits?

100% of employers said that staff who have completed a Ultima pre-apprenticeship programme have produced a net positive cash flow from the start of their employment

  • 100% of employers have reported a 50% decrease in misdiagnosed repairs/reworks and a 30% increase in profit from diagnostic repairs
  • Ultima Skills Training Apprenticeship develops ‘Diagnostic Technicians’ who can be typically charged out at 25% more in labour than a ‘fast fit’ technician.


The programme ensures staff understand the role of the professional technician and their relationship to business success.


Part or full Government funding is usually available for the programme. Employers should also support learners by providing time for study.

Programme delivery

All Advisor’s are industry professionals who are specialists in the area in which they teach and are members of the Institute for Learning.


Your Ultima Skills Advisor will use a range of assessment methods including observation, question and answer, video, professional discussion and written reports. Their visits usually take place once a month with progress assessed and reviewed every three months or sooner if necessary. We also arrange an Employer Review every six months to measure the impact on your business.

Opportunities for further development

Learners can progress to:

  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Advanced Apprenticeship or Level 3 Qualification