Apprenticeship Standard in Large Goods Vehicles Driver

Apprenticeship Standard in Large Goods Vehicles Driving


Who benefits from an Apprenticeship in Large Goods Vehicles Driver?

As part of their training, all apprentices will gain their Category C (class 2) or Category CE (class 1) licence. With the severe LGV driver shortage, this is a perfect way to ensure you have fully qualified, expertly trained drivers.

An Apprenticeship in Large Goods Vehicles Driving is beneficial to both your company and drivers.

Investing in qualifications such as this means your company can have the up most confidence and pride in the services your employees are providing.

You know your drivers have been assessed by our fully qualified assessors and they’re fully competent in carrying out their duties.

Adjacent to this, the driver benefits from gaining a clear and concise knowledge of up to date driving legislation’s.

What are the benefits?

Employees will:


  • Gain their Category C (class 2) licence
  • Gain a nationality recognised qualification
  • Receive up to 7 hours CPC training free of charge

What is covered during the training?

There are a number of elements to this particular apprenticeship. The course covers the following:

  • Safe, Controlled and fuel efficient Driving
  • Safe use of Equipment and Machinery
  • Vehicle Preparation including Safety Checks 
  • How to protect the vehicle and it’s load.
  • Basic IT applications including Digital Tachograph
  • Relevant Regulation and Legislation
  • Communicating effectively with Customers and Colleagues
  • Understanding the Structure of the Industry
  • Understanding the impact of the industry
  • Understand how the Role can effect their Health
  • Understand the implications of City Restrictions inc congestion chanrges
  • Understand the implications of driving on road alongside vulnerable road users

At the end of their apprenticeship the driver will be independently assessed in both knowledge and driving competence and addition to their government driving test

Why choose Ultima Skills?

Our Apprenticeship in Large Goods Vehicles Drivers is run and assessed by experienced trainers who have relevant experience in this field. This gives us the edge as we our trainers are able to deliver the course in reference to both theoretical and practical analogies.

The training takes 12 months and is conducted within normal working times- that means no college!

The training is 1:1 bespoke training, therefore highly effective for both the driver and the employer.

Our Guarantee

To ensure you are happy with our NVQ training, 6 months after completion we offer free follow up consultation.

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