Learner Intake Day

LUltima Skills A5 Learner Day Leaflets websiteearner Intake Day 2015 was a great success.We’d like to first and foremost: thank everyone who made an appearance!Without you, the day wouldn’t have even happened. We hope you enjoyed your day and use Ultima Skills Training to your advantage by taking that all important first step, getting on that path and succeeding.Here at Ultima Skills Training, we in keep with our mission statement:

“We should all have the right to develop ourselves to reach our full potential, regardless of who we are or what we do”.

We stand by this with every person we work with, those who attended our Learner Intake Day are at the forefront of our mission statement alongside everybody else who uses our services.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our supporters and attendees and we look forward to opening our doors and our services to others in the North West.

Look out for us in Blackpool Expo, we look forward to seeing everyone who’s attending.

-Ultima Skills Training.

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