Ultima Skills Training: Actively tackle youth unemployment


In a bid to tackle unemployment amongst 16-24 year olds , Ultima Skills Training signed up a grand total of 110 Apprenticeships between January 24th 2014 to January 29th 2015 predominantly in Wigan, Leigh and Bolton.

Continuing to tackle the issue of unemployed young people in Wigan, Leigh and Bolton: Ultima Skills Training are all set to host: ‘Learner Intake Day’, Friday 13th February 2015.

The event takes place at Ultima Skills Training learning centre from 10am aiming to entice local young unemployed people to embark on work based training which will see learners through to a brighter, skilled future.

Caroline Bennett, Head of Apprenticeships says: “Our ultimate aim is to give young people a clear insight into Traineeships and Apprenticeships as an alternative to further education.”

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Gavin Parkinson, 22, Business Administration Apprentice and the MLV Carriers team

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Gavin Parkinson, 22, Business Administration Apprentice, MLV Carriers: “I’ve found my apprenticeship a lot more engaging than theory based learning I’ve completed in the past. Instead of theory based learning, I’m constantly, proactively learning on the job and I’ve taken to this well.”
Matthew Verinder, Managing Director MLV Carriers :”Gavin’s the first apprentice we’ve had working with us and the impression he’s made is fantastic. He’s adapted to the role quickly and played an active role in the company’s growth and brings an excellent working attitude to the office day in, day out.”

Statistics show the number of young people in Britain aged 16-24 out of work stood at 506,000 between August and October 2014.

“As a training provider, we have an obligation to aid in the improvement of this statistic and are in the process of designing various strategic techniques to help tackle this, certainly in Wigan, Leigh and Bolton.” Tim Davies, Managing Director of Ultima Skills Training.

Carina Parry-Stevens, Ultima Skills Training adds:”Learner Intake Day is an informal day designed to educate young people into the different training routes available to them.

” Expect to see interactive workshops, impartial information, competitions and prizes. Anybody and everybody who’s unemployed, aged 16-24 are welcome to attend.” Carina goes on to say.

Olivia Dawson, 17, Customer Service Apprentice

Olivia Dawson, Customer Service Apprentice, 17:” Since starting my apprenticeship I’ve developed skills in communication and my employer’s putting me through more training certificates in Food Hygiene and First Aid.” 

If you’d like more information on alternative learning solutions, come along to Ultima Skills Training’s Learner Intake Day: Friday 13th February.

Call 01942 498 233 for more details.

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